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I'm a freelance SEO consultant working in Grodno BY & beyond. I have 8+ years experience optimising sites to achieve significant increases in organic traffic.

Still in doubt which type of website promotion to choose?

SEO is cheaper and more effective than other known methods, although it requires patience, since you can see the results not earlier than in 2-3 months. Modern SEO is no longer limited to typing keywords and acquiring links as it did a year or five years ago. Now this work has become much more painstaking and delicate.

  • 01
    SEO strategy
    Analysis of the site, subject matter and competitors
    SEO keywords
    Formation of the site structure
  • 02
    On-page SEO
    Meta tags
    Open Graph microdata
    H1-H6 headers
    Content optimization
    Internal relink
    Pretty URLs (Directory Indexes)
  • 03
    Off-Page SEO
    Improve search rankings
    Link Building
  • 04
    Target audience analysis
    Competitor analysis
    Collecting keywords and negative keywords
    Text AD
  • 05
    One-time SEO consultations
    Freelance specialist
    Solving problems with the site
  • Consulting and troubleshooting

    Client of ALC "Консалт". Problem - the site was completely virus-infected, due to errors in the hosting settings, it was not possible to restore from the archive. The site has been restored to 100%. Contextual advertising is configured.

  • Full site optimization. Marathon project for Sparta webmasters from

    The Teplofan website was created from scratch during the participation in the marathon. Participated in the team. As a result, the course was completed in full, the site was successfully sold.

  • SEO consulting and contextual advertising

    Initially, the context was configured in Yandex. Decided to disable and configure in Google. The result according to the client's words "heaven and earth". A satisfied client is constantly consulted.

  • Basic optimization of a new site + AD

    New business - a new website and a great need for clients. Client Dry-cleaner АКВАМЕН. Optimization has been made, the site has risen to the first page of the issue. Contextual advertising is configured. In total, the client received the first orders within two days, now there is no end of clients.

  • Website development + SEO

    A personal project created by me. Although I do not create websites and am not a programmer, experience is needed in everything. The site was made, brought to the top for key queries. As a result, the site was successfully sold.

  • Website promotion

    A challenging client in a challenging competitive niche. UnisTrade company. Bringing the site to the top in Belarus.

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